Breathing is the single most important part of meditation

and it is essential that you learn to focus on your breath if you want to make the most of your practice. Take in long, deep breaths. Follow your breath with your mind. Imagine it flowing through your body, out through your lungs and through your nostrils. The more focused you can stay on your breath, the better. Imagine your breaths as being deep, cleansing and restorative breaths that help you breathe in the good around you and breathe out the negative in your life.

As you continue to get used to your breath, you can try concentrating on a mantra or positive thought, word or affirmation. You can also try humming “Om” as you breathe out to keep with your practice.


From there you just need to repeat this process as much as you can. Start small. If you can’t stay still and focus for 10 whole minutes, then start with 5 and work your way up. The more you practice the easier it will be.

February 7, 2019