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5 Questions With Sarajane Case On The Enneagram

In case you’re not officially acquainted with the enneagram, it’s an identity test with nine kinds intended for self-revelation. You figure out how to be your best self in your sort, and what it would seem that when you’re being your most exceedingly terrible self.

What we cherish most about this test is that all it tells you the best way to work with your sort and there are no sorts that are superior to others– – we as a whole have extraordinary endowments and difficulties inside our sort.

Since Sarajane is an enneagram master, we made her a couple of inquiries to study why the enneagram is a noteworthy apparatus for self-disclosure, better connections and what steps we should take directly after we step through the examination.

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1. How and when did you find enneagram? What’s more, what astonished you all the while?

I found the enneagram in 2015. I was at a campfire with companions who were talking about the amount it had changed their marriage and the correspondence in their marriage. My significant other ( sweetheart at the time) and I promptly stepped through the exam that end of the week and both mistyped. That was my greatest astonishment all the while.

Up until that point all identity devices I’d worked with had given me my outcomes through a test and didn’t place me in the drivers seat of my own self-disclosure. The enneagram put me on a voyage of getting extremely fair with myself about my identity and what my battles are.

It took me near two years of self-disclosure to completely have the capacity to focus on a sort. I wouldn’t change that procedure for the world. I had the capacity to investigate my relationship to myself and my general surroundings in manners that I couldn’t have envisioned.

2. What was the most groundbreaking part of learning your enneagram?

I really trust the enneagram is less about attempting to defeated our sort and increasingly about being eager to confront how you appear on the planet in both excellent and troublesome ways.

With that mindfulness we are then ready to recognize our embodiment and our methods for dealing with stress. We will never get away from our mankind, our “defects” will be with us until we bite the dust. That is simply part of being human. In any case, knowing the enneagram can assist us with holding the mindfulness important to do less mischief to ourselves as well as other people all the while.

That has been my most prominent takeaway from my enneagram work – the capacity to realize when I’m inclining toward old propensities and examples so as to ensure myself and the information that I don’t need to do that so as to be who I need to be on the planet.

Likewise, I trust it’s an extremely supportive instrument in identifying with other individuals. When we can take a gander at and acknowledge the wide scope of our identity, at that point we are at long last ready to identify with others as friends as opposed to specialists or contenders.

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3. With regards to associations and enneagram, what have you learned in your own connections?

In my associations I’ve figured out how to recognize what is mine and what is his. That I am just really ready to affect my responses while likewise not assuming liability for his.

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What this implies for me as a 7 is that I don’t need a break plan and that it’s absolutely critical for me to be completely present with our relationship. In the event that I can inhale into and recognize the positive qualities in every minute, it is a great deal more useful than the genuine impulse to dependably be making arrangements for what’s to come.

What’s more, I’ve realized as a business precisely what sort of help I need and how to enable my representatives to flourish. I realize that I need opportunity and adaptability so I need bolster that is predictable, stable and meticulous.

Similarly my better half who is likewise my correspondences executive – as a four – needs self-rule matched with clear desires and some imaginative command over his job. Because of my work with the Enneagram we’ve had the capacity to rapidly put language to the majority of that and impart straightforwardly and transparently about our necessities.

4. What’s illuminating you at the present time and what’s difficult you?

Truly, my life is illuminating me right now in such a delightful manner. We’ve been exceptionally deliberate about making a real existence that we genuinely worship and I am overwhelmed each morning by the fact that it is so mystical to be alive in this a great time.

In the meantime, I am tested by the many, many, many moving bits of what I’m making. Setting aside the effort to set a dream for the future hasn’t generally been a choice of late and I’ve needed to cut out deliberate time to go off without anyone else’s input and ruminate over what I need the eventual fate of the organization to resemble.

As a 7 who is exceptionally acquainted with living later on, it can feel weird to just have the capacity to oversee what is directly before my face. I am anticipating making a touch of room, so I can recover the drivers seat of the business and guarantee that I’m not working from a position of response.

5. What are five things that somebody ought to do in the wake of taking the enneagram test in the event that they need to plunge further?

I adore this inquiry!

1. Peruse your best 3-4 results and see which number makes you feel the most observed. Almost certainly, stepping through an exam alone won’t give you the right answer on your first round.

2. Peruse up on the dimensions of wellbeing of your sort. Comprehending what you look like when you’re extremely solid versus undesirable will tell you the best way to measure your relationship to your life. (Insight: Most of us experience fluctuating dimensions of wellbeing in a given day.)

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3. Comprehend the move you make in pressure. Realizing your pressure number will give you the comprehension of the markers that may emerge for you when you need some self-care. It will likewise demonstrate to you what assets you can dismantle in to give that care to yourself. For instance: a sort two moving to eight may wind up encountering outrage or disdain when need some consideration and regularly that care can look like 8s super intensity of making limits and imparting straightforwardly about what they need and need.

4. Comprehend the move you make in rest. Realizing your rest number will give you the comprehension of how you show up when things are going great in your life, when you feel safe. It will likewise demonstrate to you some protection self-care that you can take before you ever achieve that pressure number. For instance: a sort two moving to four in rest implies they feel safe being distant from everyone else and valuing the complexities of life. They may find that investing more energy without anyone else’s input, getting a charge out of the world and requesting what they need proactively could help them in dealing with their wellbeing levels long haul.

5. At long last, ask yourself what understanding your number brings attention to for you. In particular, as far as how you may appear for yourself as well as other people better. Are there propensities there that reason damage to yourself or those that you cherish? How might you convey proceeded with attention to those propensities and work to demonstrate to yourself that the world can be trusted with the most genuine variant of you without those characteristics you’ve embraced so as to protect yourself.